Moms, THIS is your truth, embrace it!


Once a Mom, always a Mom

Divorce does not change that fact *

I have been divorced 3-1/2 years after a 23-year marriage.  Like so many others before me, I never thought I would actually find myself divorced.  My marriage was a struggle, but my life had always been a struggle of one sort or another, so my marriage was familiar dysfunction.  We are both responsible for the demise of our marriage, I am not going to make the mistake of trying to place blame.  I can only speak for myself here, and I know I did the best with what I knew at the time.

During the divorce and for about 2 years following the finalization of the divorce, I made mistakes…emotional, behavioral, moral, parenting, employment, financial…you name it, I can guarantee I screwed it up during this period.  Now that I some what have my wits about me, and I say some what because I know there are those close to me that would argue I have my wits about me at all, EVER…jokingly I’m sure…I just want to improve.  I want to grow and be happy, and have my daughters be happy.  I want to improve my financial situation, my employment situation, my future and my relationships with my daughters.

This blog is going to be about the journey from damaged and destructive to empowered and productive.  I will try to keep looking forward, because that is the direction I am heading.  My goal is to hopefully relieve the pressure in my mind, my heart and my soul by getting out all the thoughts that clutter those spaces and put them out here to wish them well and let me move on.

In looking back over my journey to this spot here and now, over the last 3-1/2 years, the one constant is me…I made the mistakes, I made the bad judgement calls, and I tripped myself up.  So I need to be the one to get out of my own way and start moving towards my dreams and goals…a healthy, happy, prosperous me.

Please feel free to share your comments and thoughts with me…I would love to hear your story.  Check back, because it’s going to get interesting from here on out!

* borrowed from a fabulous blog